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May 09, 2007



Hmm. Could have sworn I posted this before. Maybe I hit preview instead of post. Anyway, what server and side are you on in WoW?

Brian Foster

I play Alliance on Exodar primarily. I started a character out on Twisting Nether because some friends of mine play there but I kept having really bad lag. Exodar has been nice and somewhat roomy, but it's apparently the Flavor of the Month for newbies now.

Half way to 56 as of tonight. I might just ding 58 by Sunday if I push it.


I'll have to make a character there to say "hi". I'm on Dragonmaw, Alliance side, with some friends. It's PvP, but it's not real bad. You will like Outlands, 90% of the plate
quest rewards are Paladin gear.

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