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July 20, 2011



I'll agree that they botched carry-overs from the book and even common character reactions they had established in previous films. Your best friend just told you he's going to go die, and you don't really say anything? No, "good luck, you've been a great friend" or "no, Harry, we won't let you!" argument for two minutes? Also, the Ginny development was a disaster. Bah. I feel confident the DVD will have more, but yes I had higher expectations too.

Now, here's my geek out moment: Ron was actually an auror with Harry for a long time and then helped George run Weasley Wizard Wheezes. It sucks that he just stood there and didn't get a line about their daughter beating Malfoy at everything.


Aha, so if Rowling feels the need to generate another half billion in spending money she can just do a Harry/Ron buddy cop story? Maybe throw in a cameo with Kingsley Shacklebolt talking about how he's too old for this?

Also, didn't Ginny end up being a celebrated sports writer or something?


Okay, I can't keep my mouth shut, forgive me if I go too far...

I feel the need to address certain comments made both in the blog and in the comments.

1. Ginny became a professional Quidditch player (chaser?) for the Hollyhead Harpies.

2. Hermione grew up to rise in the ranks of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, but I haven't seen anything that suggests she was in the Wizengamot (although, of course, she could have been).

3. It wasn't COLIN, it was SEAMUS that Neville blew up the bridge with. In fact, McGonagall made a delightfully alliterative comment about Seamus's "particular proclivity for pyrotechnics" that referenced Seamus's tendency to blow things up by mistake in the first 7 movies.

4. Neville is NOT just comic relief. He's been portrayed as his own brand of hero since the first movie (reference the scene where he wins Gryffindor's last 10 points that get them the house cup in the first movie as an example).

Now that those points are out of the way, can I just ask what you actually LIKED about the movie, since you assert that you did actually enjoy it? I thought the movie was fantastic, and it might be my favorite in the series. I thought their successes far exceeded their failures. The scene with Molly and Bellatrix was fantastic. I was sorry they downplayed Fred's death, but since he, well, isn't Harry, of course they did. But at least it was in there, along with Tonks and Lupin (which I was worried they might leave out).

Also, I didn't think the snake was chasing anyone other than trying to catch up to Voldemort. I think the point of blowing up the bridge was to kill all the people on it. I don't think everyone in the opposing army could fly. Plus, it gave Neville another chance to demonstrate his heroism. Sure, he had a funny line at the end, but still- brought him more into focus.

Since the first part of 7 was slow-moving, dragging out the hallows search (as it should have been), this part HAD to be extra-action packed. They saved it all for this movie. Plus, so many things happen in that book- you can't imagine they'd fit everything in. Remember, they are appealing not just to those of us who loved the books, but to all the people (and there are many) that just watched the movies. This movie was NOT Revenge of the Sith- ugh! OUCH that final comment went too far!

So there! :-P


Well then, allow me to retort. :p

1. I knew it was quidditch related, so I award myself partial credit.

2. Any society not smart enough to make Hermione Granger supreme leader does not deserve to continue. Girl is hardcore.

3. Mea Culpa. I get my minor Gryffindors who are not Neville mixed up.

4. The scene as written is superior to the scene as filmed. On this point I shall not be moved.

Did I like it? Well, yes. I said I did. I enjoyed the build up at the beginning. I enjoyed Hermione trying to be Bellatrix. I loved every single second Maggie Smith was on camera, because she is awesome.

I liked Harry's confrontation with the ghost of Ravenclaw, because she was one of the few instances in the film that got to address the duality between Harry and Voldemort, and because her delivery of the "I know who he is! I know what he did!" line was perfect.

I thought the Dumbledore Explains It All moment in King's Cross was spot on.

I like that they shipped Film Neville and Film Luna, even if it was a deviation from the books.

I'm not going to backtrack from comparing it to Sith, because if you look at my review of Sith it bears a striking resemblance to my comments on Hallows, Pt 2. Namely, that it hit all the required plot points and was pretty to look at, but missed multiple opportunities to be a better film.

Or, to put it in another perspective, it was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when I was hoping for a Raiders of the Lost Ark. :p


LOL I like the Indiana Jones comparison better than the Sith comparison- I didn't really like Sith at all. I actually thought the Dumbledore moment at the end should have had more in it- they didn't explain his family's history even though it was mentioned both by Aberforth and Muriel.

I do agree that the scene as written was better than the scene as filmed. But I think just about everything as written was better than as filmed.

I also loved the moment with McGonagall when she brought the armor to life and then said "I always wanted to do that spell!" :-D

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