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May 29, 2012



I miss you :C

We finished our first play through and it was a lot of fun, but now I'm one of those sadistic mofos that is enjoying the higher difficulties. For some reason having it be much more difficult is extending the game for me. The loot grind is strange because gold is so plentiful and the AH has so much good stuff that it seems silly to grind for gear. Lots of people grind just for gold and then buy whatever they need to get through inferno. Come play co-op, it's a blast.

Add me and we shall dungeon crawl together: salovia#1627.

Mizz and I are thinking about re-upping our WoW accounts as well.

Hope all is good in your neighborhood. Look forward to seeing you online again.




Well, I've been going through Nightmare and I'm at level 44 and halfway through with Act II. (It's been slow going because I've been farming achievements - and while that can be tedious it does net you quite a bit of xp and loot.)

Nightmare - so far - has been more like Unpleasant, Vaguely Remembered Dream. But again, I'm only in Act II, so I'm still expecting the difficulty to ramp up Real Soon Now.

The Auction House really does change the way the formula works. It seems almost too easy to gear up, and people don't seem to know how to price items. (Not that I'm complaining about that part.)

You all should definately make plans to come back to WoW. I know it's all cool and insidery to not like Mists of Pandaria but I've been encouraged by what I've seen so far. But it's fair to wait until there's a release date assigned - no need to come back to the Interminable Lull Between Expansions.

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