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June 11, 2012


Gaming PC folks

guess they should have forseen the reaction & beefed up the servers


Inferno is different. Even after they nerfed Acts 2-4, the ramp up from Act 1 champions to Act 2 is insane.

I can farm Act 1 in my sleep - I can barely kill champions in Act 2 (wiped probably 20 times before killing belial) and I can barely kill white mobs in Act 3. Granted I'm playing a melee and can't afford the hundreds of real dollars or hundreds of million of gold to buy my way through these acts.

However I am stubborn, so I will probably throw myself at this until I can get through Inferno solo.




I managed to scrape my way into Act II Inferno on my Demon Hunter, but I basically bankrupted myself doing so. Stupid Butcher.

After patting myself on the back, I strutted into the desert and got myself one shotted by a leaping Lacuni.


So then I started playing a Wizard.

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